A Ronald Reagan Christmas Memory

Very Red, But Not That Way  http://lh6.ggpht.com/_q_U8x2G01ic/SU0Kcw0191I/AAAAAAAADi4/GGSGgsX2KEs/s800/R.ReaganN.ReaganMerryChristmas-12.19.06-0002a--400-428-284.jpg

US News & World Report [not yet owned by a sinister religious cult] reports breaking news from 1984.

Extracted from Craig Shirley’s new Ronald Reagan homage, a tale of bawdy fun in the twilight struggle against Communism.

Such was the depth of Ronald Reagan’s Anti-Communist passion we are told, that, after being safely re-elected, Reagan felt secure enough in office to change the Soviet Union’s diplomatic licence plates to begin with “FC.”

Standing for “Fucking Commies.”

We are to believe that cuddly old Ronald Reagan, a man who wouldn’t spell out the word “hell” in his diary, got off a good one against the dirty Reds.

Perhaps more plausible is the version attributing these hi-jinks to America’s now surfing-ist congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, shown here with mue, mue

  authentico “Nw Reagan” Mitt Romney.    Rohrabacher was a Reagan speechwriter in days of yore.

Such is the state of presidential anecdotage that stories already endlessly retold live again as colorful tales of a bygone era, in this case more of the bottomless pit of Reagan-Or-Those-Around-Him-Which-Is-Close-Enough really couldn’t stand the Stalinists.

As if we doubted.

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