Liberal Bastion “Talking Points Memo” Goes Soft On Reagan Soft-Soaping


“It should be noted that this comic is neither a piece of Reagan sycophancy, nor is it political satire”  Talking Points Memo

Political Power: Ronald Reagan comic book



What’s with these guys? First the vaguely progressive Huffington Post faithfully reprints Associated Press’s recycling the disproved George W. Bush Jacket ‘n Tie fetish myth.

Now Talking Points Memo, with a staff that actually writes stuff, endorses a Ronald Reagan comic that’s kind of a mess.

TPM may not find the work sycophantic, but it’s certainly the product of  a sycophant.

Comic author Don Smith doesn’t fake the fawning. Did you know that, unlike some, Ronald Reagan “really loved this country.”

It’s true!

“I mean he constantly was saying, ‘The United States is a city set on a hill… He constantly would say, ‘The United States’ best days are still ahead.’ I mean that is amazing!

Smith’s command of facts amazes as well, managing to work wrong dates into the assassination attempt panels.

And Smith confidently applies the simple truths of the Reagan Era to our present difficulties, with a happy result:

Regarding radical Islam terrorism, I think his philosophy would be “We win, they lose,” just as it was regarding the Soviet Union back in the 80s. And frankly, that kind of moral clarity is desperately needed right now!“

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