The Bush Library Connects The Dots

If You Build It They Will Come

Zoning officials have signed off on George W. Bush’s Presidential Library plunking parking lots right up against its northern neighbors, on a side of the Bush complex not shown in the lovely drawings the Library released.

The neighbors had complained, and University Park officials made noises about forcing changes in the plans. But at a meeting with no public participation they appear to have caved entirely to SMU’s threat of slapping dorms on the property.

Former first lady Laura Bush, flanked by Bush Library President Mark Langdale (left) and SMU President R. Gerald Turner (right), points out features of the design plans for the Bush Presidential Center. (PHOTO BY CHRIS DELL / THE DAILY MUSTANG)  The lots would be to Mrs. Bush’s right in this photo, the other side of the trees.

Apparently gone are the days when the Bush’s touted their  truly urban location,” and the Library was to anchor a “string of urban pearls” connected by mass transit.

University Parked bush-library-parking.JPG

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