Liberal Bastion “The Huffington Post” Recycles Tired Bush Lie

Maintaining Deniability 

Does anyone actually “edit” The Huffington Post?

Nancy Benac’s fascinating Tuesday run-through of Barack Obama’s Oval Office decor was marred by the repetition of  a long since refuted tale:

Obama has set a less formal tone for the Oval Office from his first days as president. When the White House released its first picture of him at work there, Obama was in shirt sleeves. George W. Bush, by contrast, made it a point to be in coat and tie whenever he entered the Oval Office.

This Dress For Success/Dignity of the Office nonsense launched in the Obama Administration’s earliest days, promoted by Bush hanger-on Andy Card. But the story was quickly shot down by, among others, The Huffington Post.

Still, HuffPo’s automatic content recycling machine is cracking! Benac’s fraud regurgitation was accompanied by links to both the original line of crap, and the blog’s own story shooting it down.


John F. Kennedy: Now With Even More Terseness!





Hey there! JFK__1960 is using Twitter.

Remember when Facebook got tiresome, when all your cranky aunts and uncles opened their own accounts to spy on your younger cousins? yourselves.     Twitter now brings all the magic and excitement of “This Day In History” to the Kennedy saga, in the bite-sized form Twitterati so prize.

The Kennedy Library this year will dutifully pump out daily updates of fifty years ago, when a youthful John F. Kennedy challenged everyone’s favorite villain Richard Nixon for the ultimate prize.

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