Downloading Daddy: Pocket Sized Ronald Reagan Rides To The Rescue

Yesterday Once More

The cutting edge of Ronald Reagan cultism just got a whole lot hipper, with the unveiling of a spankin’ new Reagan IPhone app.

Your Reagan Library [still Iran-Contra free!]  can’t keep track of its holdings or recall our love affair with Pakistan’s     loathsome General Zia, but they are going for techno-bloat with an app bringing you all Reagan’s greatest hits – now you need never be without the wry asides and soft chuckles that killed communism.




Trunk Line    _701.JPG


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  1. All Reagan, All The Time at WWW.PRESIDENTS”R”US.COM wrote:

    […] While IPhone users revel in the splendor of an official Reagan Library endorsed IReagan app, droid-ists must make do with the new Ronald Reagan random quote […]

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