All Reagan, All The Time

Quote Me From Your Leader      

Google’s scrappy Android phone system doesn’t pull the babes like Apple’s IPhone, although some claim it will win in the end.

Until then, Android users pining for that Reagan touch must make do with less than glamorous apps.

  While IPhone users revel in the splendor of an official Reagan Library endorsed IReagan app, droid-ists must make do with the new Ronald Reagan random quote function.

The swank factor is not increased just because the app “Comes with several backgrounds.

And if your fount of wisdom is to be thirty years old wouldn’t you at least like a search function?

Additional  delight may be found with the Ronald Reagan CallClip, which pops up random photographs of our leader.

IReagan has been embraced by clowns of all ages, such as FoxNews goofball Adam Housley.    image_area  In his hard-hitting report, Adam spouts “facts” of no known origin. Tie urgently eskew,  he claims that the just introduced IReagan is “the first politician to have an app,” news certain to be of interest to Barack Obama. Go Obama


If you embrace Reagan and IPhone, but reject Big Library’s IReagan, the for-profit sector has stepped into the breach.

Shake it ’till you make it happen with this        

…or enjoy more random Reagan with this app

Or full-throttle full length Reagan speeches from yesteryear can be had here, divided into three separate eras in chewable $.99 portions.

Major Speeches of President Ronald Reagan 1964-1980    Major Speeches of President Ronald Reagan 1980-1984      Major Speeches of President Ronald Reagan 1984-1988


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