Where’s The Rest Of Me?

rr-exterior.jpg Crime Scene

The eyes of all the people are on Ronald Reagan‘s Museum Upon A Hill, where the Los Angeles Times reports a National Archives Inspector General finding that the Reagan Library has had some inventory shrinkage.

“The audit found that the Reagan library was unable to properly account for more than 80,000 artifacts out of its collection of some 100,000 such items, and “may have experienced loss or pilferage the scope of which will likely never be known.”

The suspects are incompetent record keeping and light-fingered staff. We are assured that measures will be taken.

regan-arm-up.jpg This isn’t the first time that items have wandered off from the Reagan. When White House staffers were researching then Supreme Court nominee John Roberts they traveled to the Reagan to study Roberts’ paper trail as a Reagan White House staffer. And an unknown number of Roberts documents went missing.

So why again do we have these little islands of documents and valuables scattered over the countryside?

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