Tear Down This Hall!


His billions may not have brought him happiness, but they have given right wing funder Richard Mellon Scaife the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review with which to pursue his enemies.

In the rag’s sights now: The Ronald Reagan Hall of Presidents.

upper-st-clair-high-school.jpg Home is Where the Hall Is

Pittsburgh suburb Upper St. Clair’s [Go Panthers!] School Board voted to make a High School entrance hallway into Hall of Presidents after spending three years discussing how to honor the Dear Leader.

Now comes the complaint that the Hall won’t be Reagan enough.

reagan-hall-of-pres.jpg The Kids in The Hall

This is a conservative version of the phenomenon Bill Clinton claimed to be always fighting: making the perfect the enemy of the good.

Disgruntled St. Clair resident Jay Lynch writes the PTR that Reagan would…

“…be upset at the USC school board for forcing local taxpayers — even those without kids — to pay for an expensive, extravagant high school where kids are taught by unionized teachers. …If “The Great Communicator” were here today, he’d be telling the school board to let the taxpayers keep their $10,000 and spend it on tuition at private schools of their choice.”

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