Silent Minority

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Hanukkah! Festival of Lights! A special time for goy politicians of all persuasions to pause and suck up to the Great Jewish People.

Until recently, Richard Nixon had even been doing it from beyond. Each year the Nixon Library would mark Hanukkah, albeit often folded into it’s “Christmas Around the World” program. [Hanukkah, of course, is how Jews celebrate the birth of Our Lord.]

Not so this year. Did the cumulative evidence of Nixon’s Antisemitism do them in?

2007 provided the climax to date, with the release of Fred Malek‘s memos about counting “the other demographic criteria” [i.e., Jews] at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In 2005 it was all so different:

Hanukkah Celebration
Join family and friends at the Nixon Library on Sunday, December 11 for a special Hanukkah celebration. This free-admission event begins at 5:30 p.m. and features remarks from U.S. Congressman Gary Miller, the Lighting of the Menorah by Rabbi David Eliezrie and traditional music performed by the Temple Beth Tikvah junior choir, the Tarbut V’Torah choir, the Heritage Oak Singers, and Celebration USA.

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