It’s Mormon in America!

What Was I Thinking? romney-faith-with-tie.jpg

Mitt Romney’s Must See Thursday has generated acres of ink.

A passing mention in an opinion piece on the build up recalls an earlier Mormon candidate, Mo Udall, and how he was done in by the sainted Jimmy Carter.

“Religion is neither a qualifier nor a disqualifier for public office, unless you are a Mormon, one of your opponents is a Southern Baptist and you are both running for the presidential nomination of your party…When former governor Jimmy Carter was in tight race with Congressman Morris “Mo” Udall for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 1976, Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, a Carter backer, said to a large audience of black Baptist ministers: “I’m asking you to make a choice between a man from Georgia who fights to let you in his church, and a man from Arizona whose church won’t even let you in the back door.”…Udall, who had left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over its policies toward blacks, called on Carter, a Southern Baptist layman, to repudiate Coleman’s comments. Carter refused and won the Michigan primary.”

carter-coleman-young.jpgGlorious days of old! Carter, the man who split the vote and got Lester Maddox in as Georgia Governor, paired with a man who was at least friendly with the Stalinists to slander one of the more decent politicians Arizona ever produced. udall-for-president.jpg

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