Hall of Reagans

They Dream of Disney?disney-hall-graphic.jpg


upper-sc-panthers.jpg The suburban Pittsburgh Upper St. Clair School District has settled on how they will honor Ronald Reagan after three years of discussions. They’d pondered naming a school or a theatre after the late President, but have decided on a “Hall of Presidents.” Just what the Hall will contain isn’t clear, but the Board President says they may be able to fill it for nothing:


“”We’re hoping that Congressman Tim Murphy, who strongly supported the memorializing of Reagan and offered to find federal funding [on the earlier project] and [state] Representative [John] Maher can help us. It’s possible, I think, the net cost to the district will be zero.””

reagan-hall-of-pres.jpgRonald Reagan might not approve:

Local officials who once saw the local voters as boss now look to Washington, D.C., before considering a move. And what once was a Federal helping hand is quickly turning into a mailed fist.

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