Bill Clinton’s Selfless Service To America Continues!

Friday In A Hall With George              A poster advertising a joint conversation by Presidents Clinton and Bush


Former President Bill Clinton’s joint appearance with his despised [ if not quite as much as before] successor has not gone unnoticed.

Times Online

Bill and George Show helps rehabilitate Bush


Democratic Underground

Bill Clinton: A Disgraceful George W Bush Enabler

A thoughtful George W. Bush once said his successor “deserves my silence.” Would that his predecessor felt the same.

Kennedy: Late Returns From Camelot

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It is Spring, and a young man’s fancy turns to just how much action did President Kennedy get?                                                                                                                             All Hands


The season has already been marked by news of an exciting tell-some, or rather a  “woman’s coming-of-age story” book by a previously revealed presidential trollop, and the rather grisly news that our charismatic  chief executive was spreading Chlamydia.

Reagan’s Tippling Point

Closing Time?

Sad news as America recovers from another St. Patrick’s Day.

The Alexandria Virginia pub where Ronald Reagan lifted a beer glass [unclear if he drank any of it] is for sale. The visit launched a thousand “who would you rather have a beer with” presidential polls, climaxing with teetotaler George W. Bush’s win.

Sale Of The Century:Yachts Of Luck

  Meet Mohamed Nasheed, New Look President of the sun-kissed  Republic of the Maldives.   He’s the Sarah Palin of the Indian Ocean, getting big play talking about selling his evil bad guy predecessor’s yacht on EBay.

Eventually we learned she hadn’t sold her predecessor’s jet  on EBay at all, but for a loss elsewhere. And he’s been elected since October with no action.

Nasheed defeated a not nice person,  Maumoon Gayoom, who indeed ran a repressive kleptocracy of which the boat and a presidential  island retreat were symbols. But live by the symbol, die by the symbol.

Plain spoken Mr. Nasheed has gotten a lot of mileage as well from refusing the tacky gold-inflicted presidential palace Gayoom built. But Nasheed has instead moved into the former Sultan’s palace, no slum.

If the Maldives ever gets around to selling the boat they may find the economic tide against them.  When Iraq finally got title to a Saddam yacht which surfaced in Europe they hauled it back to Basra for lack of a buyer.

George W. Bush: The Ghost Who Walks



Higher Profiling 

Former President Bush is showing a little ankle, dropping by a political science class at the future home of his Presidential Library – Southern Methodist University                                                                                                        Former President George W. Bush meets students outside of Fondren Science Building Tuesday morning.


Country First?

Bush’s first hired speech will be to foreigners, albeit in semi-American Canada.

The ex-president  travels to exotic Calgary, Alberta March 17th in what is threatened to be the first of ten speeches this year. Bush crony, Bush Library director  and ex-Commerce Secretary Don Evans warns Bush “has to earn a living,” despite his pension, Bush his ‘n her book deals and the remains of his dubious baseball fortune, so we can look forward to more of this.

We must brace ourselves for the inevitable Moonie-funded-through-exotic-passthroughs events which are sure to come.