George W. Bush: Freedom, At A Price

Freedom Sold Separately!

National Treasure [& long time PresidentsRUs favorite] Al Kamen fills a Friday Washington Post column with updates on the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s exciting “Freedom Registry.”

As faithful readers are aware, the Registry lists donors to the Bush Library project, starting at the low low price of just $50.

Now Kamen reports it will not merly list of names on a wall, or inscribe them on a brick, but will entail the hallmark of late 20th century technology: interactivity!

Using the latest technologies, this innovative registry will be housed in a specially designed kiosk and will feature an interactive listing of those chosen for this special recognition


 Never has self selection been more  meaningful.

Fries With That?


Bush donors are getting off easy.  The bandit princes of the Young America’s Foundation are soaking the rubes for a thousand dollars, in return for which their name is inscribed on the “Freedom Wall” tucked away out of sight on the Reagan ranch property.  Why these believers in Reagan’s Berlin Wall shattering Mighty Voice would build a wall is unclear.







Fakes, Frauds, & Founders

Behold These Goofs  National Tax Limitation Committee President Lew Uhler Poses with the Mount Vernon Statement and George Washington impersonator James Manship

Unable to stage signing the “Mount Vernon Statement” at, um, Mount Vernon, massed conservatives held their event instead at the swanky Collingwood Library & Museum, a former dinner theatre venue  on property   once owned by George Washington and now available for wedding rentals.

Mount Vernon wouldn’t let them hold a political event on its grounds, so the free marketeers turned to their weapon of choice, and hired a hall.

Fox did its ungrammatical best to hang onto that fresh Founding Fathers smell:

The signing ceremony is took place at a library that was part of George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.

The New Nation/new grammar enthusiasm got the better of the Statement-os as well. Their classy yellow fake parchmentie web page recalls “selfevident truths.

Further bizarre historical analogies came in the Statement-os comparison of themselves to the signers of the Sharon Statement,  a storied conservative event held at William F. Buckley’s Connecticut estate sixty years ago.  What mileage they achieve from Eisenhower era ties to a dead pot-smoking Iraq war opponent is unclear.
No Pillars To Post

Barack Obama: Somehow Different?

Boots On The Ground, Buster! BushFeetDesk.jpg image by kskiska

The delightfully forthright “Mad Jewess” blog offers further proof that foaming spittle may cloud vision.

MJ spews forth on any number of current right-wing obsessions, gives a shout-out Birther High Priestess Orly Taitz, then for some reason goes off on a photo of Barack Obama with his feet on his desk:


“Click on this PIC below, what an ARROGANT ASSHOLE:


 I suspect what we have here is Dignity Of The Office Derangement, a condition manifest in delusional belief that whatever behavior the victim chooses to find offensive never occurred under prior presidents.


The condition’s poster child is of course Bush family lackey Andy Card, justly renowned for his launch of the Jackets-Always-In-The-Oval-Office myth.



Ousting Obama In Indonesia? Racist Crap Knows No Boundaries

 Barry Unfortunate 

AFP via TPM reports that the awesome power of social media is being mobilized by Indonesians unhappy with Jakarta’s statue commemorating Barack Obama’s childhood there.  And proud Americans are joining the fun!

An Indonesian Facebook group has 55,000 members, while their English language clones make do with  2000.

The magic of social media is that anyone may join, and do. But messages may get muddled in the churn.  The English site boasts the lovely monkey statue shown above, while some Indonesians focus on Obama and Israel.

Jack Ellis   Apparent non-Indonesian Jack Ellis provides a two-fer, joining denunciations of the Jakarta statue while vowing not to donate to Haiti relief, lest Obama get a statue there, eventually.

Obama’s Christmas Controversy: More Balls!

Whose Star Do I See Tonight?    

The holidays mean gifts for all, and the White House Christmas tree brought forth a splendid new bounty. Even as frenzy mounted over Chairman Mao’s cameo on the tree, the serious squinters at Little Green Footballs have spotted the fount of another cult of personality amidst the dangling.


Take a bow, Ronald Reagan!        The Wesleyan College Republicans put Ronald Reagan on the cover of their magazine to capture the attention of the student body.