Barack Obama: Somehow Different?

Boots On The Ground, Buster! BushFeetDesk.jpg image by kskiska

The delightfully forthright “Mad Jewess” blog offers further proof that foaming spittle may cloud vision.

MJ spews forth on any number of current right-wing obsessions, gives a shout-out Birther High Priestess Orly Taitz, then for some reason goes off on a photo of Barack Obama with his feet on his desk:


“Click on this PIC below, what an ARROGANT ASSHOLE:


 I suspect what we have here is Dignity Of The Office Derangement, a condition manifest in delusional belief that whatever behavior the victim chooses to find offensive never occurred under prior presidents.


The condition’s poster child is of course Bush family lackey Andy Card, justly renowned for his launch of the Jackets-Always-In-The-Oval-Office myth.



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