Bush: Over Overarching

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National Treasure Al Kamen scores again with his discovery of  an exciting new initiative during the prolonged departure of the George W. Bush administration.  All hands are summoned to contribute to “The Bush Record,” but keep it short, please.

“Please provide a one or two paragraph summary,” the e-mail instructs, “on the overarching communications strategy for your Department. This section should also list any broad, overarching products you plan to produce (e.g., a document listing your Department’s major accomplishments over the past eight years, a video of Department successes, etc.).”

Sadly, even beloved icons can overlook some items.  Kamen credits The Guardian with recently uncovering an overlooked classic of the early Bush Years, when thoughtful readers of this esteemed journal of record were alerted to The Leadership Genus Of George W. Bush a year ago.

Book Learnin’! bush-the-leadership-genius-of-george-w-bush.gif

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