Nixon: His Role In Obama’s Downfall

Dick’s Last Trick?ayers-front.jpg

The Nixon Blog continues it’s perversely Nixon-centric view of the universe, offering up Obama early adopter and Weatherman William Ayers‘s lack of jail time as the price the nation paid for poor Dick Nixon’s crucifiction.

Defender onto death and former Nixon Library head John Taylor explains how the crimes against Nixon echo down the ages.

“If everyone knows that William Ayers and his comrades in the Weather Underground were planning to set bombs to murder innocent people, why didn’t they do time?

Because the investigation against them was muffed thanks to the illegal activities of the Washington Post’s favorite Watergate answerman himself, Mark Felt — aka Deep Throat. ..Now we know the truth. If it hadn’t been for Mark Felt, President Nixon might have finished his second term, and William Ayers might have gone to jail.”

Great to see Taylor getting all huffy about illegal break-ins!


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