Richard Nixon: Still The Caring Criminal’s Choice!

When A President Does It   nixon-pointbreak.JPG

The romance of ex-president criminality thundered onto the silver screen by 1991’s “Pointbreak,” and the nation’s thieves and miscreants continue to tap their inner Patrick Swayze.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out at the beach, rob banks, and be pursued  point-break-reeves.JPG by that dreamy Keanu Reeves.

The spirit was alive this past weekend in South Bend Indiana, as a man in a Nixon mask knocked off a gas station.

Crime isn’t all rubber masks and easy cash though. Years after Chicago Mob hangers-on hit a Saugatuck Michigan bank dressed as the Exs, the last of the gang has been caught and sentenced.

Getaway driver Carmine Jannece got five years, which may pose problems for the 84 year-old.

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