Nixon Library Celebration: The Ghost At The Wedding



Spot The Uninvited Guest!




nixon-library-pin.jpg   The Nixon Legacy lives on, in the form of the desperate schemes his presidential library was forced to undertake before they collapsed into the arms of the National Archives.

Now the Archives runs a lot of the place, but the Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation still controls some of the buildings and grounds.

The centerpiece of their tiny realm is a “recreation” of the White House East Room,  nixon-east-room-with-skylight.jpg   if the East Room had monster skylights.

In the words of Nixon daughter Julie Eisenhower, “It’s more beautiful than I expected“.


Wedding guests do the usual classy wedding things…

Plaster the bride with bills nixon-wedding-rentals-boris-and-golnoosh.JPG

Wear unfortunate shoes  nixon-wedding-house-charissa-jarryd.jpg

Pose with available machinery nixon-bride-chopper-sara-john-the-nixon-library1.jpg

Bring mystery guests to the table nixon-wedding-becker-and-kessner-families.jpg

nixon-wedding-bride-bench-sara-_-john-_-the-nixon-library.jpg  & pose by the Nixon grave! nixon-grave-birthplace.gif

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