Gentlemen, Draw Your Inferences!

ABC Digs Deep clinton-abc-rt_clinton_lewinsky_080319_ms.jpg


“Hillary Was in White House on ‘Stained Blue Dress’ Day


Schedules Reviewed by ABC Show Hillary May Have Been in the White House When the Fateful Act Was Committed”

ross-brian-abc-news.jpg Team Coverage!

The Hilary Clinton papers are loosed upon an expectant world, and Brian Ross and the ABC Investigative Team have done democracy’s work, cross checking the First Lady’s schedules with the Ken Starr oral sex tick-tock ,with explosive results.

Jeepers, Peeper clinton-ken-starr.jpg

Meanwhile, a desperate plea for the silent legions of citizen journalists to paw through the papers for the august New York Times [“Like many others, we are poring over the pages today to see what’s in there. We invite you to take a look, too, and let us know what you find”].

The Times did come up with some of what we don’t learn from the document dump:

“The documents offer no support for her claims, made during the presidential campaign, that she helped to negotiate the Irish peace accords or facilitated the flow of refugees in the Balkans. Neither is there evidence in them to back up her claim that she helped pass the Family and Medical Leave Act, the first legislation Mr. Clinton signed as president. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut, sailed through Congress and landed on Mr. Clinton’s desk 10 days after he was inaugurated. Indeed, on the day Mr. Clinton signed the bill into law, Feb. 5, 1993, there is no indication on that day’s calendar that she attended…The documents offer no insight into her role in appointments to key administration posts or in courting donors for her or her husband’s political campaigns…And they do not add to an understanding of how she coped with revelations in 1998 of her husband’s sexual betrayal with a young White House worker, or provide a paper trail of the discussions that led to her declaring her candidacy for the Senate in 1999.”

The Dallas Morning News‘ answer: Go Local!

“Cutting to the chase, the quest for interesting, Texas-related nuggets would be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. So, maybe there are some readers with a lot of patience for squinting who would care to take a peak and share their findings.”

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