The Truth Is Up There?

Kennedyesque, Or Merely Kennedyish? kennedy-worthington.jpgThe son Jack Kennedy never had now alleges conspiracies he can’t explain.

Jack Worthington has a problem. Having outed himself as a possible illegitimate child of John F. Kennedy, and with Vanity Fair casting doubt on his story, the Canadian resident has been reduced to throwing out crackpot theories about how other Kennedy stories are being circulated to distract attention from his fascinating self.

That’s his version of the Dallas District Attorney miscellaneous assassination file release.

Worthington told The Vancouver Sun:

“I think anyone would have to question the timing…It’s just my hunch that this DA decided to come clean partially because he [or the investigators] feared something would be exposed by the Vanity Fair story.”

Good luck on that Jack!

Worthington offered many delights before his story sank, not least of which was the triumphant return of ex George Bush sister-in-law Sharon Bush, former wife of Bush family Wastrel whore-hound Neil Bush. The former Worthington girlfriend played an auxiliary role in his negotiations with the magazine.

Blame Canada blame-canada.jpg

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