Barry Far Away


Bringing Back Barack      School officials prepare to install the statue of U.S. President Barack Obama in Jakarta late Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010. A statue of Barack Obama as a boy was placed late Sunday night at the Jakarta elementary school the U.S. president once attended, after its display in a public park prompted backlash in the Indonesia capital. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)


Driven from the streets of Jakarta, the boy-statue of Barack Obama has found a home at Obama’s childhood school, or as Fox viewers know, his madrassa.



TURUNKAN PATUNG BARACK OBAMA di TAMAN MENTENG The Awesome Power Of Social Media® mobilized Indonesian citizen or some kind of outrage at public space being used to honor Obama, with motivations ranging from disapproval of  him to disapproval of his wars.  Despite the latter, American Obama haters joined the fun, although their racist infested site no longer appears on Facebook.

Obama may see the statue on a March visit to Indonesia.

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