Lincoln Dies Again

Bart Speaks For The Nation 

Ford’s Theatre reopened this year after a vast fundraising and re-do, and they are going all out to mark Presidents Day Week:

Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Mark Russell!

Yes, the “comic” songster so lame that even PBS finally dropped him, tickling the ivories once more in Our Nation’s Capital.

Russell was cruelly mocked on The Simpsons “Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington”almost twenty years ago.   He was parodied as the entertainment for Lisa’s DC award banquet, Brother Bart groaning throughout.

This guy is awful!

It was a dead-on parody of Russell’s ghastly tunes    vaguely referencing politics without being in the slightest political.  His own publicists boast that “He began knowing little about politics…

The Russell case demonstrates perhaps the limits of satire.  Long after they’ve been called out by anyone knowing anything,  DC’s Unstoppables continue to roam the landscape, dropping triteness bombs.


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