The Reagan Century

America Bakes A Cake reagan-cake.jpg

Wish last week’s Reagan Birthday madness would never end? reagan-cake-3.JPG Your dream draws closer, because America’s Reagan Centennial Countdown has begun!

Representative Elton Gallegly [R- Reagan Library] will be history’s handmaiden.

Gallegely is best known for his crusade to deny citizenship to American born children of the foreign born. Not that this stopped him from endorsing Mitt “Anchor Baby” Romney. californiansforromneybanner.JPG

His legislation exhibits the attention to detail that marks Reagan stagecraft.

Past Presidential centennial commissions have been filled with bipartisan Washington worthies. The Eisenhower Commission had seven Senators, seven House Members, the Archivist of the United States, and six public members appointed by the President. The Teddy Roosevelt Centennial Commission had eight Presidential appointees, two Senators and two Congressmen.

Gallegely’s bill would lift the dead hand of government by giving the Reagan Library Foundation control of the Commission. It would name six out of eleven commissioners. So the people who brought you the Nancy Reagan dress exhibit will get even more federal money to tell government certified tales about Reagan.

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