Bye Bye Bongo

Cost Some Jack?
President Obama has announced himself “saddened” by the death of Gabon’s 42-year dictator, Omar Bongo Ondimba. Sadness perhaps not shared by Gabon’s population, who despite enjoying recent “generally free and fair election” have other troubles: 

The following human rights problems were reported: limited ability of citizens to change their government; use of excessive force, including torture toward prisoners and detainees; harsh prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; an inefficient judiciary susceptible to government influence; restrictions on the right to privacy; restrictions on freedom of speech, press, association, and movement; harassment of refugees; widespread government corruption; violence and societal discrimination against women, persons with HIV/AIDS, and noncitizen Africans; trafficking in persons, particularly children; and forced labor and child labor.”

Bongo knew from trafficking, importing French prostitutes when not getting “handsie” with Miss Peru.

    Ivette Santa Maria

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