George W. Bush Speaks To Youth

Calling Card welcome-home-bush

Bush biographer Bill Minutaglio takes to Newsweek’s never too rich and too thin pages to update us on the former president’s goings on, and he appears to have a rather open schedule.    “Bush has always been friendly,” Minutaglio comments, and the Ex is going out of his way to show it.

The local college kid who sold many Bush neighbors “Welcome Home George & Laura” signs found himself besieged by Bush phone calls, and a 14 year-old commanded 90 minutes of Bush’s time for a frank exchange of ideas.

Things are more mixed further from Preston Hollow. Bush got a big welcome when he first returned to Midland as ex-president.  Even a Bush minion was amazed:

They turned out 30,000 people here,” says his longtime Texas accountant, Bob McCleskey. “And that’s without giving out food and beer.

But an effort by a hometown state legislator to congratulate Bush on his torture achievements was stopped by

heroic state representative Lon Burman.

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