Even Newer Reagan!

Bobby Soxers limbaugh-jindal.jpg

Sage political observer Rush Limbaugh has spoken, identifying yet another new Ronald Reagan, his rambling run-through of potential McCain running mates somehow ending up in Baton Rouge.

“He is the next Ronald Reagan, if he doesn’t change. Bobby Jindal, the new governor of Louisiana is the next Ronald Reagan. He’s young. He was just sworn in for his first term. He’s the guy that beat the liberal Democrat machine throughout Louisiana….this guy could be the next Ronald Reagan. If McCain chose him, here’s a Southern state; this is Louisiana, but I think he may be too conservative for McCain. “

Limbaugh finished his deft analysis for “Kelly in Denver” with the grace and audience building rapport for which he is justly famous:

“CALLER: Well, Newt is the guy that I was thinking could probably be the next Reagan.

RUSH: Yeah, a lot of people are harboring fantasies about Newt.”

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