No One Writes To The Colonel


Roosevelt Gone Aground   roosevelt-t-big-stick-cartoon.JPG

The dream of a Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Library on an Oyster Bay, Long Island appears dead.  Plans fluctuated between building on a flood plain,  or above a tidal pool, and they never had any “Papers” for the “Library,” but they blame the economy’s collapse.

Or maybe it was all just a mad dream.

For My Next Trick, I Disappear!


More than a year ago
, a local resident tried to pin down the Theodore Roosevelt Association’s James Bruns on how it planned to pay for the estimated $120 million library. co

“Mike Giardina asked, “How much money does the TRA have in the bank?”Mr. Bruns said they have pledges of $1 million.

Mr. Giardina: “And in the bank?”

Mr. Bruns, “I’m not going to divulge that.“

Mr. Gardina: “You have zero. You have no website. Come on.”

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