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Community meetings on the proposed Oyster Bay Long Island Theodore Roosevelt museum are rolling along, with residents are asking Theodore Roosevelt Association President James Bruns some entertaining questions.

One questioner asked what exactly they’d put in the 100,000 square foot building since Roosevelt’s papers are at Harvard and the Library of Congress.

Bruns says they don’t need paper when they have pizazz!

I don’t have to have original documents. If you want the real thing you can go to the Library of Congress. We do have some 2-dimensional items and some 3-dimensional ones. Seven percent of the museum will be a regular museum. The museum will be high tech. There will be few objects, but the finest we can find. It will be experiential using technology and interactive exhibits.”

Another pest inquired how much of the estimated $120 million cost is at hand.

Mike Giardina asked, “How much money does the TRA have in the bank?”Mr. Bruns said they have pledges of $1 million.

Mr. Giardina: “And in the bank?”

Mr. Bruns, “I’m not going to divulge that.

Mr. Gardina: “You have zero. You have no website*. Come on.”

[*They have one, but it’s pretty useless on the proposed museum] roosevelt-t-head.jpg

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