Faith & Andy Card: Suits Them Fine

Land That Time Forgot

We’re often told the mighty Information Wurlitzer that is the Internet will seek out and destroy untruth.

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In Erie, Pennsylvania’s’s Danzig Corridor, the winters last longer, and the chill seems to prolong shelf life.  The Erie Times News letters column has recently enjoyed a spirited debate based on a long exploded Bush fraud.

The Obama Era of Good Feeling was off to its spirited start, when former George W. Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card took powerful exception to the youngsters besmirching America’s Oval Office by appearing sans jackets.  Card’s more in sadness had been barely emitted when photos of Bush’s own jacketlessness surfaced, and the world laughed.

But the Reverand John Detisch still felt the call, sallying forth in the local letters page on the strength of the legend, heedless of its death the week before.

Please, Mr. President, don’t give in to so many other American men who are constantly lowering their standards. Lead us by example.

Two weeks later, it fell to J. Spinelli to Speak for the Nation:

Rev. Detisch, as you said in your letter, lead us by example. Get your facts straight.”

But clowning continues, in proud ignorance.

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