Re-Burying Buchanan

Bye Bye For Now!   Scott 1081 - The 3¢ Wheatland - Home of President Buchanan

President’s History Day Month has only furthered the obscurity and disrespect of “America’s Only Bachelor President,” James Buchanan. First, C-Span’s poll of presidential history guys ‘n gals on the go confirmed his spot at te bottom of the POTUS opinion sweepstakes.  And now his Pennsylvania estate has had to collapse itself into the arms of a local historical society in order to stay afloat.

Buchanan’s Wheatland estate’s staff had dwindled to two, and its membership to 500, when the Lancaster County Historical Society beckoned. The deal is  being presented as a marriage, but Wheatland is now just an option on the Society’s web-page.

Buchanan’s administration is recalled for his staying very still as the Civil War approached, and for the invention of the ghastly title “First Lady,” which in his case was his niece.


Lady In Question   2009-03-03-harrietlane.jpg




An exciting future of failed president reenactors lies ahead!

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