George W. Bush: The Ghost Who Walks



Higher Profiling 

Former President Bush is showing a little ankle, dropping by a political science class at the future home of his Presidential Library – Southern Methodist University                                                                                                        Former President George W. Bush meets students outside of Fondren Science Building Tuesday morning.


Country First?

Bush’s first hired speech will be to foreigners, albeit in semi-American Canada.

The ex-president  travels to exotic Calgary, Alberta March 17th in what is threatened to be the first of ten speeches this year. Bush crony, Bush Library director  and ex-Commerce Secretary Don Evans warns Bush “has to earn a living,” despite his pension, Bush his ‘n her book deals and the remains of his dubious baseball fortune, so we can look forward to more of this.

We must brace ourselves for the inevitable Moonie-funded-through-exotic-passthroughs events which are sure to come.

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