Stone Me

So Lifelike!   Image:GWBushMountRushmore.jpg

It was probably just liberal Marxists off for a spoof, but for some the dream was real.

The year was 2004, and someone claiming to be “Ann Cuolter” didn’t care enough about their fraud to come up with a better fake name.  In September of that year “Ann” launched a petition to put George W. Bush on Mt. Rushmore.

To call the response tepid would be to insult lukewarm water.  Only 137 have signed in four years, and many did so only in order to broadcast their hatred of Bush and the notion, or to promote 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Actual Ann “It’s Never Too Warm For Leather” Coulter shown here in all her  finery.

Elsewhere In Alternative Bush Reality:

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