Junior Edition: Michael Reagan’s Lost Decades

Tough Love  reagan-michael-gun.jpg

Word that Michael Reagan has taken his search for daddy love to a new low.

America’s third rated right-wing talk radio network has dropped Ronald Reagan’s eldest son, according to blatherwatch, and he has landed at the American Family Association’s fourth rated one.   american-family-association-action-alert.jpg  AFA’s larger claim to fame is their long time jefe maximo Donald Wildman, who periodically sallies forth from his cracker redoubt launching War On War On Christmas battle-cries such as:

At PetSmart, Christmas doesn’t exist

Blatherwatch says the AFA “network” is an agglomeration of the sort of dinky-town stations “that depend on evangelists and vitamin salesmen who pay for their own shows.”

Little Reagan seems increasingly out of touch. His web-page flogs Reagan fantisist Paul Kangor’s book on Reagan crony and Saddam emissary  William “The Horse Theif”  Clark, and features a link to the defunct Senate site of George Allen, who lost his seat in 2006.

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