Bush Years To Remain Rich Humour Resource For Generations To Come!

Because If We Can’t Laugh About Differences Over Torture…

Light-hearted jibes about torture were in the house Sunday at DC’s Alfalfa Club dinner.

The annual gathering of Washington’s great and good is of course a temple of good natured joshing amongst the elite, the very pinnacle of our treasured bipartisanship. Thus Barack Obama found himself making light of the founding purpose of this entirely white until the 1970s dinner, honoring Robert E. Lee.

The sparkling event was brightened even more by the podium styling of “Jumping” Joe Lieberman,  who the Washington Post reports wow’d them with topical laughs.

Lieberman’s rib-tickler sprang from Dick Cheney’s mysterious back-injury-while-moving-offices. “I had no idea waterboards were so heavy,” quipped the Nutmeg State Senator.

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