Bush: To The Wayback Machine!

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The White House has been reaching back, retrospectively improving and scrubbing dated documents posted on the White House web site to agree with it’s current version of reality.

Even better, the eager young typists of Wikipedia have incorporated the Bush administration’s historical whimsy into their reality, further proof that someday we’ll all disappear up our own assess.

All this from an administration which went out of its way to destroy its own document trail, and is fighting disclosure to its last breath on a dozen fronts.

What are they hiding?  University of Illinois researchers studied how the administration played around with the storied legions of the Coalition of The Willing, our gallant allies in Iraq.

The numbers waxed and wained as countries got bought and un-bought, but the list stayed a seamless garment, always reflecting current White House numbers, projected back in time.

The profs discovered that the highly unwholesome government of Angola,  Cuban pals turned kleptocratic state, flitted briefly onto and off of the Willing List.

This is the government lobbyist/shyster Jack Abramoff made his bones organizing against back in the day.  Abramoff took South Africa’s money and did its evil work against southern Africa majority rule,  red-scorpion-fr-le-scorpion-rouge-dvd-get_img2php1.jpg

up to and including Dolph Lundgren movies.

Once Willing   angola-miss-angola.jpg

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