The Republican National Committee: Legacy Losers

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The Republican National Committee has long joined in the fun beating up the Clintons over access to Clinton Administration papers. But you don’t need to hide what you don’t have, and they’re doing their part to bury Bush Administration emails generated by White House staff.

bush-at-computer.jpg A subset of the wider lost email issue, some 80 White House staff used RNC email accounts for both political and government business. The RNC did nothing to preserve the government records, purging files after 30 days.

And now they say they won’t bother to find the lost records.

“The process of recovering missing e-mails from RNC servers and \ilhite House
back-up tapes has not begun. Beginning in April 2007, the Archives urged the White
House to start recovering missing White House e-mails stored on back-up tapes
maintained by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the White House. In his
May 1, 2007,letter, the Archivist advised Mr. Fielding that such ‘oa ‘restoration’ project
can easily take more than one year to complete.” Despite repeated requests from the
Archives, these efforts have not yet begun. Moreover, the RNC has informed the
Committee that it has no intention of trying to restore missing White House e-mails.”

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