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The Bush White House’s signature style has been to dodge responsibility for it’s actions and havoc wrought by claiming to be “looking ahead” while not engaging in a “blame game.” Another trick is to package the unpalatable and unexplained as being part of a “program,” torture euphemism being the most prominent example.

Their latest exercise is less ghastly, but still one of the greats.

In a Good Friday court filing, the Bush Administration says many of it’s missing millions of emails are dead, and there will be no resurrection. The White House is placing it’s faith in the howling news chasm of the holiday weekend to disappear the story, and it appears it’s faith will be rewarded.

bush-ask-white-house.jpg The White House filing says that, besides disabling an existing system to archive email, they now admit they destroyed computer hard drives without saving all the emails on them. They told the court that recovering emails from where the Bush Administration’s inattention or deceit put them would be hard or impossible because of this “refresh program,” so the judge should give them a pass.

The Associated Press is reporting the story off the White House filing, apparently alone in all the world. It’s story is worth reading in full, if only to appreciate the baldness of the Administration’s contempt, actual if not legal. Over and above the details of this case, every Administration is obligated to preserve all it’s records. The endless quibbling over access come later.

The National Security Archive and the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington have been fighting the White House on this, and their web sites have nothing on the latest White House whimsy. ross-brian-abc-news.jpg Media worthies who soiled themselves this week crosschecking the Hillary Clinton schedules with Presidential blow-jobs have been silent so far.

easter2008rightbanner.jpg But nothing slows down White House preparation for Monday’s Easter Egg Roll.

Hope you had a great Sunshine Week! sunshie-week.gif

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