Ayers & Omissions

Who Is This Fancy Walter Annenberg?  annenberg-hat.JPG

…and why did he pay for Chicago Reds like Barack Obama and William “Billy” Ayers to run wild?

The McCain campaign is super excited at all the play it is getting on Barack Obama’s  chicago-riot.JPG  Red Ruffian friends, to the point where it isn’t even trying to make sense.

McCain’s breathless release headlines, “The Obama Campaign Claims Not To Know Details Of Ayers’ Relationship”

…before serving up heaping helpings of Fox News excerpts, with no real effort to explain their time, date or place, much less that of the events they pretend to discuss.

Then, deeper and deeper into the mysteries of “Annenberg.”



“And this was directly funded by Annenberg?”

Kurtz: “Oh, yes.”

Griffin: “Under Obama’s chairmanship?”

Kurtz: “Oh yes

Who is this sinister Annenberg? Mob scion, ambassador,  reagan-annenberg.jpg    dead friend of Presidents, before he died  Walter Annenberg sought respectability by dumping much of his fortune into multiple foundations, one of which engaged Obama and Ayers.

Who is this Kurtz?   kurz.JPG The “conservative  scholar” hangs his hat at the famed Ethics & Public Policy Center, the former home of Eliot “Mr. Kenilworth” Abrams. Kurtz has grown into his role as relentless Ayers pursuer, leaving behind his youthful flirtations with big think on terrorism and a prolonged period as  “the ‘EverReady Bunny’ of the same-sex marriage debate

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