Loss Leader

lincoln-fords-theatre-americas-most-famous-theatree.gif Ford’s Theatre longs to be so much more than an assassination location. And with $40 million dollars they’ll try to pull it off.

The National Park Service and the Theatre have announced plans to raise big money and get big, dressing up the old dear with elevators, cafes, all the modern conveniences.

Across the street is the Peterson House, AKA “The House Where Lincoln Died.” lincoln-house-where-lincoln-died.jpg The House will shed it’s bland town house-ness and be attached to a ten story building next door, soon to be home to the august “Center for Education and Leadership.”

Either education or leadership will include a “a tower of books, representing all the words that have been written about Lincoln’s life.”

Let’s enjoy some!


If these timeless verities fail you can always fall back on a modern classic: bush-the-leadership-genius-of-george-w-bush.gif

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