Giving & Receiving

Ronald Reagan speaks to the youth!

The Annenberg Foundation is giving the Reagan Library $10 million to teach the kids about “the importance of civility and responsibility in the government arena.”

“Students will learn the importance of participating in the democratic process and working together – as Ronald Reagan did with government leaders of all political parties – for the common good. “

Let’s look back on that halcyon era!

All parties certainly worked together to sink the Savings & Loan industry, with Reagan leading the band.

Less so in Iran-Contra, when Reagan defied Congress’s Boland amendment banning US funds being used to overthrow Nicaragua’s Sandinista government. The young people may not recall that Reagan paid for this evasion by selling arms to the Beasts of Tehran.

And the giving doesn’t stop! The Annenberg is throwing another $10 million at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Who are these guys?

Walter Annenberg established the foundation with his publishing millions, washing clean his mob roots. reagan-annenberg.jpg

The “Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center” joins other Reagan Library naming opportunities with shall we say troubled origins.

Joe Allbritton serves on the Library board, the Library’s”Allbritton Hall” is named for him, and he paid for Reagan’s White House portrait. reagan-portrait.gifHis Washington DC Riggs Bank melted down after revelations it held secret accounts for Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and the kleptocratic ruling family of Equatorial Guinea.

The Reagan Library, where the funds of former gangsters and the funds of former dictators sit down at the table of brotherhood.

reagan-pinochet.JPG What’s in your wallet?

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