Hollywood’s Plea: Ronnie Save Us!

Bringing Sexy Back   reagan-dancing.jpg

A discredited president had sapped the Nation’s spirits, as a seemingly endless war ground on with no resolution in site.

A hero arose to lift the people’s spirits. Never-mind that he was dead, and that the stories which inspired us were a tissue of lies – America loves a happy ending.

Can Ronald Reagan do for the Oughts what Harry Truman did for the Seventies?  One Hollywood dream-weaver is determined to find out.

Republican hack of legend Lionel Chetwynd is launching a one man Ronald Reagan play, touring the provinces before filming the stage show for wide screen fun.

Dodgy, Yet Beloved  truman-plain-speaking.jpg

The Truman industry launched in the wake Richard Nixon’s demise on the strength of Merle Miller’s Plain Speaking, the source of a thousand Harry Tales that can’t quite be verified.

Feist never fails.  New Truman material is constantly arising to meet the Nation’s insatiable demand, and such is the legend’s strength that even discoveries of his mutterings about the Jews can’t tarnish the legend.

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