Sarah Palin Reloaded: McKinley Dies Again

Who Would Sarah Shoot?   mckinley-shot.jpg

The thrilling details of Sarah Palin’s Secret Service code name have been revealed to an anxious public, usually accompanied by boilerplate explaining how pretty Denali National Park is.  Passed over in Palin’s moniker acceptance is her slap at our martyred 25th president.

Denali is the Native Alaskan  name for Mount McKinley, the nation’s tallest peak.   alaska-flag.gif  Thoughtful Alaskans prefer Denali to the name imposed by the Colossus of The South.

We’ve all enjoyed the disproved allegations of Palin’s Alaska Independence Party membership, while pocketing her husband’s.

alaska-first.jpg   Denali-ing aligns Palin with one of the weirder parts of the AIP legend, in which white, often immigrant Alaskans try to drape themselves in the rags of the oppressed natives.

Shuffled Off From Buffalo  mckinley-martyr.jpg

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