Sarah Palin’s Truman Show: The Trouble With Harry

It Girl palin-fur.jpg

The McCain campaign practice of repeating lies even in the face of their refutation  has spread to their apologists.

Even after National Treasure Thomas Frank blew up Sarah Palin’s Truman-homage-via-quoting-a-nut-who-wanted-FDR-dead, The Weekly Standard claims that “”So far no one has picked up on the significance of Palin’s invocation of Harry Truman in her convention speech.”

It’s all about the rise of natural aristocrats.  Steven F. Hayward deploys a little Founder-Rama genuflection to Adams and Jefferson,  then honers Truman [and Palin, in this alternative universe]  by wheeling out one of the mustiest of nineties cliches:

Gettin’ It.

“Her reference was more than just a bridge to a heartland-versus-Beltway theme. Truman, recall, was the only president of the 20th century who was not a college graduate…In retrospect it is clear that Truman “got it.” He didn’t need any more “experience” to master the job.

Pass the corn.

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