Ambling Through History

Invisible Man truman-walking.jpg

The timeless aura of Plain Speakin’ & Brisk Walking Harry Truman claims another victim.

The 2008 campaign has already featured John Mccain wistfully recalling halcyon days when Truman strolled the capitol, accompanied by a single Secret Service agent.

Barack Obama has topped that on a visit to the Independence shrine, imagining Truman did it with no security.

“The thing that I envy most about Truman was that when he was in the White House, he could go out and take a walk. He could put on that fedora and take a stroll, without someone following him”

Obama had better watch his back. While he hit the Truman Memorial Building, and Truman’s home, Obama skipped the Truman Library, making the Library Board Chairman all huffy.

Trumanesque or Trumanish? obama-truman-independence-stroll.jpg

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