McCain Recalls More Innocent Era, Not Where It Went

Return to Yesteryear truman-walking.jpg

Freed from the burdens of Front Runnership, John McCain has the time to let his mind run free, dreaming of his likely never-to-be Presidency.

mccain-nh.jpg Engaging in the one-on-one interaction so prized by New Hampshire voters, Mccain gave a tour of his most admired Presidents.

The Boston Globe managed to feign surprise that Harry Truman made the list. And not for the glories of the early Cold War, firing MacArthur or integrating the Army.

McCain’s Truman fixation was on the little man strolling about with a single bodyguard.

“”He could walk out of the White House and take a walk with one Secret Service agent. One Secret Service agent!…My, how times have changed.””

Indeed. In 1951.

Truman’s temporary home at Blair House was attacked by Puerto Rican Nationalists. A policeman and one of the Nationalists died. truman-puerto-rican-shooter-blair-house.jpg

Congress responded by formalizing the Secret Service’s protective role, and enumerating who would be covered.

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