Statuary Haul

Winsome, Lose Some reagan-statue-covington-la.jpg

It’s one step forward, one step back for gigantic representations of Ronald Reagan. An immense Reagan statue has been dedicated in Covington Louisiana, with a head oddly swollen compared to the original noggin.

reagan-statue-covington-head.jpg Maybe It’s The Hair? reagan-shirtless.jpg

Elsewhere, setbacks for the cause. A young Bill Clinton led anti-war demonstrations at the London Grosvenor Square American embassy. A Reagan statue was proposed for the square, but has just been turned down by the Westminster Public Art Advisory Committee.

It was double dipping by Chaz Fagen, who’s already making the Reagan statue to go in the US Capitol. He’s already done bush-monument-houston.jpg Bush Sr., and a Reagan reagan-berlin-wall-uss-reagan-bronze-on-berlin-wall.JPG relief bust for the USS Ronald Reagan.

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