Against The Current

Finding Their Voice reagan-voice-of-america-park-ronald-reagan-lodge.jpg

A belated salute to the good people of Butler County Ohio, who have resisted, and reversed, the endless wave of Reagan-naming Republicans who aim to stick the Teflon President’s name on every hill and dale.

Butler County is the proud home of “Voice of America Park,” located on the site of


the former VOA Bethany Relay Station ,which some hope to develop into a museum of cold war broadcasting. The park is a merger of Butler County’s “Reagan Voice of Freedom Park,” with paddle boat rentals on a fake pond, and West Chester Township’s “Voice of America Park,” which holds the former VOA facility. voice-of-america-stamp.jpg

Reagan’s name didn’t make the cut in the conjoined park, despite the mad dreams of some Butler County Republicans.

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