Wait Your Turn

Watch It! judicial-watch-graphic.jpg

From the first, the stakes could not have been higher:

“Because Mrs. Clinton seeks our nation’s highest office and may well be the next President of the United States, the public interest weighs heavily in favor of enjoining the Library from continuing to withhold the records at issue.”

And so the judicial activists of Judicial Watch launched their quest, only the latest chapter in their decades long quest to prove something somehow on the Clintons.

But they were late to the party.

Judicial Watch’s document request to the National Archives’ Clinton Presidential Library came after many others, and archives-enemies-of-documents.jpg dwarfed any request for presidential papers, ever.

The Watchers sought to focus on the UFO requester in line before them, but now a federal judge has ruled that rushing Judicial Watch’s request out of the archives would hurt the people in front of them.

Judicial Watch must abide by the kindergarten commandment to wait one’s turn,” U.S. District Judge James Robertson said.”

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