Clueless Joe

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In a Dallas Morning News Op/Ed, Joe Lieberman boldly plasters the future Bush Library hometown with stern calls for full disclosure of Presidential Library donors, and disclosure of the Library’s’ contents. But in classic Lieberman style he doesn’t call out the mysterious forces who might frustrate these goals.

Whoever might oppose sunlight’s legendary sanitary powers?

On cash it’s legendary money shuttler Ted Stevens of Alaska, who has blocked the bill in the Senate.

The murky enemies of the public access to Presidential documents are even more obscure in Lieberman’s telling. He blames “a 2001 executive order” [author unnamed] under which “the documents housed in these libraries can be kept secret in perpetuity.

bush-lieberman-the-kiss.jpg It is of course George Bush’s order, and blocking the Senate from voting on overturning it is Alabama’s Jeff Session, acting at the request of the White House.

With such toothless advocates the war is lost before it’s begun.

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