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When Golf Was King fidel-golf.jpg

Golf Digest takes a loving look back at Eisenhower era on the links. Even they are astonished at Ike’s days wandering the fields, and a handy chart allows you to track his obsessive play day by day. eisenhower-golf.jpg

All part of a package of nostalgia and list making, the highlight of which is their lament for the death of Washington golf.

Thanks Guys! abramoff-scotland.jpg

Fixer to the stars Jack Abramoff’s Scottish trip ruined it for everybody apparently. No one admits to playing anymore, and…

“As a result of a ban imposed on gifts and services, lobbyists have to pay thousands of dollars to play in elected officials’ fund-raisers to spend time with them on the golf course — hardly a bonding opportunity.”

But Cavalier of Changetrademark.gif Barack Obama golfs, so hope springs eternal. obama-golfing.jpg

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